Great Quote around ‘Originality is dead. Revolution is dead.’ by Kalle Lasn – #stopmakingsense

“Post-modernism is arguably the most depressing philosophy ever to spring from the western mind.

It is difficult to talk about post-modernism because nobody really understands it. It’s allusive to the point of being impossible to articulate.

But what this philosophy basically says is that we’ve reached an endpoint in human history. That the modernist tradition of progress and ceaseless extension of the frontiers of innovation are now dead.

Originality is dead. The avant-garde artistic tradition is dead. All religions and utopian visions are dead and resistance to the status quo is impossible because revolution too is now dead.

Like it or not, we humans are stuck in a permanent crisis of meaning, a dark room from which we can never escape.” – Kalle Lasn

Repost vom 09.Dez 2011


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