The Replicator 3D Printer: This Machine will Change the World

I absolutely follow wired's headline:

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If some of you still fear the internet, then a machine like the above will (excuse my wording) scare the shit out of you.

Why? Have a look at that clip of Shapeways, which offer 3D printing via the web:

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Got an idea what will happen to the world, when everybody owns a printer like that?

You think that won't happen? Hm, that is what wired's cover story is all about.

The below printer is delivered to your home for 2.199Dollar.

Have a look at the CEO's statement:

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Oct., 10th, 2012 > Some more examples you find here: Waffen und Solarkraftwerke aus dem 3D-Drucker (Videos in English) and there "Public Safety is too Important to Leave it to the Professionals" .

And: Embracing 3-D Printers, Manufacturer Tells Customers to Print Their Own Replacement Parts.

November, 10th, 2012 > World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth to Open in Japan.

November, 14th, 2012 > Chris Anderson: ‘Maker’ Movement is Next Industrial Revolution .
US military invests in 3D printing on the frontline. This video:

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