3 Mistakes in this GlaxoSmithKline Global Media Announcement

Last week GlaxoSmithKline announced:

"GlaxoSmithKine has appointed Sameer Sing has vice president and head of global media as it embarks on a new global media approach." …

"The newly created role sees Sing join from Procter and Gamble (P&G), and will be made accountable for optimising global media strategy, planning and buying…"

"… reporting directly to Jim Martin, vice president procurement, …"


The three mistakes in this?


Sameer will report to procurement. Nothing to say against, but we categorized them as  'Buying boxes for the best prices' in my late days at GSK (disclaimer: I built up and headed media for Germany, Austria, Switzerland for 5 years in the early nineties).

Media is a crucial part of Marketing, not procurement. Media is not primarely about efficiency, but about impact and effectiveness. It is about the right mix of paid, owned, earned.


Sameer joines from Procter. Nothing to say against, but Glaxo does not need a Procter mindset, Glaxo needs an Apple, Nike, Ikea, Red Bull mindset.


The proof of the above: Even The Drum doesn't know the proper company names of GlaxoSmithKline and Procter&Gamble (which adds up to 4 mistakes).

Efficiency: communicate the name.
Impact: communicate the name right & memorably. 

Screenshot: The Drum.