Bye-Bye Retail as we know it? > Tesco’s Virtual Supermarket

Quite an idea! And a very good example for a Win-Win situation:

"Tescos are now using the walls of the subways in Seoul in South Korea as a virtual supermarket. With over 500 products displayed, the customers can then scan them on their phone and have them delivered straight to their homes.

Commuters can now do their shopping on their way to work and can get the goods delivered that same evening. Since more shopping is being done online now there may come a time when shops will no longer exist on the high street, already many of the big stores are more like showrooms rather than shops."

Quote and image via catrinastewart.


André Vatter just told me that this exists since mid 2011, watch the video.

Why does nobody in Germany offer that? Or do they? Tell me, pls.

And André told me ;)