Any interest in Pinterest? Ask yourself these fine questions

I just wrote in our weekly column at German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche that Pinterest – or facebook, twitter, television – is not the solution, but just a medium, and marketeers should not fall for their agencies like in 'the emperor's new clothes'.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself, in case you think about engaging in Pinterest – by Becky Lang from Zeus Jones.

"The point is, sometimes forcing your brand onto Pinterest can backfire. Pinterest is a place for creativity and idealism, not necessarily for all products everywhere. Here are a couple questions to ask yourself before going there with your marketing.

1. Does your product fit with the mood of Pinterest?

2. Do you respect Pinterest and its users?

3. Do you create media that might otherwise end up on Pinterest?

4. Is this just another house for your TV campaign?

Please read her full post.

And have a look at my Visit Pinterest after reading this Post, to understand what Pinterest is desperately missing.


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