To Disrupt Your Industry You Have to Disrupt Your Lunch

Let's innovate! – how often did I hear that in my consultancy. We all talk, we all brainstorm, we all are engaged, motivated, committed – till lunch.

– We talk about that after lunch.
– Lunch? Why have lunch? We want to change the world.
– Of course, but after lunch. No revolution with an empty tummy.

After lunch.

– I need a break. No revolution with a full tummy. Just have to check my eMails. Oh, a client called, I have to call her back. Let's meet tomorrow again. Maybe next week. Let us sleep on it.

– But … we wanted to disrupt the industry.

– Yeah, we do that later. I have business to do. Daily business, y' know.

– Then let us meet during lunch time. You have to eat, or? We can talk.

– Yes, but my daily business tires me down, I have to relax, think about something nice, challenging, rewarding, the future, …

– Yes, let's do innovation, disruption, breakthroughs!

– Lunch, is my comfort zone. That is sacred ground. I will call you on that innovation and disruption thing. It will be great, we will do it right after getting rid of that daily stuff …

You want to disrupt industries, but you cannot disrupt lunch? You have a long way to go. You want to disrupt industries, but you do not want to disrupt your own comfort zone?

That industry is your comfort zone! Think about that.