Thoughtful China: Interview Nigel Harris, Ford VP, China Distribution Operations

"Mr. Harris answered questions about Ford’s business in China, his predictions for car sales in China this year, training and human resource issues, the unique challenges facing multinational auto makers in China’s car market and the importance of friends and family in car-buying decisions. He also addressed the role of digital media in auto marketing, his favorite Chinese websites and social media tactics for Ford’s advertising and the rise of e-commerce and group-buying in China."

Source: Thoughtful China Newsletter

2 thoughts on “Thoughtful China: Interview Nigel Harris, Ford VP, China Distribution Operations”

  1. Car companies like Ford are confident to put their business in China because of the abundant manpower available for production and the country’s high demand for automobiles (especially since it’s a country where the predominant mode of transportation is the bicycle). I like how they use social media and digital media to advertise their products because they were able to quickly reach out to potential buyers, especially the youth who are exposed to those kinds of media.

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