What Your CRM Might Learn from Monterey Bay Aquarium

I know, I know: What might we possibly learn from an aquarium? We are the consumer brands, we are the experts, the gurus, we have seen it all. We understand, we transcend. We inspire – not that Monterey Bay Aquarium.

All wrong!

First of all the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a fantastic place to be – not just because of its animals, architecture, and surrounding, but because of its caring wo/men, because of all those people sharing a vision and a spirit. Because of the culture you feel immediately when talking to any person being employed or volunteering time and resource there.

And this is the base you desperately need. Because: First of all you need every single one to truly live the brand, the positioning, image, and personality. All else follows!

Secondly the aquarium is a brand you can walk into! Think about that, please.

Thirdly, the learning (now, after you know a little bit more about the Aquarium):

I just received a mail from Monterey Bay Aquarium titled: "Do you still want to hear from us?" And how could you connect better than with that ref.?
There they say: "It looks like you no longer open our emails and we want to make sure that we’re up-to-date with your preferences for hearing from us".

Everybody today knows, that their emails are opened or not, etc. – but who takes any action? Who directly addresses the issue by asking the only person in charge and able to change that behaviour – the addressee? Monterey Bay Aquarium does!

A small step – but I liked it very much due to the common sense behind it.

Even better – and I do not just like but truly love that: "If we don’t hear from you by Wednesday, January 25 (by taking one of the actions above), your email address will be removed from our mailing list".

Ain't that just great? Monterey Bay Aquarium volunteers to reduce my email volume. Ain't that true altruism?

Of course I stayed, renewed my email, even changed my good opinion about Monterey Bay Aquarium to better resp. great.

Mission accomplished, or?

Now you may pay your CRM people a visit!
The tiny small steps do make all the difference. 

Source: Screenshot Monterey Bay Aquarium