Never Trade Innovation for Transformation

Of course – and especially during these darker days – it is very tempting to become more streamlined than ever to save your resources for later …

But what 'later' if you stop innovating now. There will be no 'later'. There will be even more lay-offs, more restructuring, more consolidation.

More than once you transformed your product into a range, transformed the range by adding even more taste flankers, transformed the flankers into oh so different target groups. Weakened your product's quality by replacing the more expensive ingredients, calling it a major upgrade.

And you paid the price. Diluted your product's benefit(s), diluted your brand's image, destroyed your price advantage, literally killed your premium positioning within your traditional target group and beyond.

You still call that innovation. It ain't.

Wake up. You cannot trade innovation for transformation. And – in case you never innovated in your career – you cannot stay with transformation for your brand's life. This will end it soon.

Start breaking the Rules now!
Become a Spark!
Change the Game!
Leave a Mark!

Or your brand will die!


Suggesting (to Lyss in the comments below) to read a closely related post reminded me to add it directly here: Why do we stop Living at the Age of 5?.

2 thoughts on “Never Trade Innovation for Transformation”

  1. Great points Ralf – am all for it.
    Especially love this: Start breaking the Rules now!
    I believe there is a sense of urgency, to be really looking beyond the models we know so we can actually reverse industrial revolutionary ills, and create a beautiful environment for our children’s kids. It’s only through innovation, and not transformation, we can re-write the future possibilities.
    Great piece, thanks for sharing.

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