We Love @BLYSS_choc – Guess Why!?


01 – Because we love great chocolate.

02 – Because we love a good story.

03 – Because we love fantastic pictures.

04 – Because we admire great branding.

05 – Because we love focus.

06 – Because we love consistency.

07 – Because we love authenticity.

08 – Because we love true entrepreneurship.

09 – Because we love a good strategy.

10 – We love vision. We love passion.

And – last but not least – because we love, we truly and deeply love, to discover a brand, a company, an entrepreneurial spirit NOT following 30.000 people to get 30.000 followers.

This fact – you might judge it minor – made me have a look at the product when CemB retweetet BLYSS_choc.

This small fact makes all the difference between truly building a brand and mere selling a product as fast as you can.

Lyss, we wish you all the best with BLYSS!
Only great people will build great brands!