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Carlos is a planner in Brazil who has a very cool blog called Unplanned. He’s been collecting advice and interviews from planners all over the world and yesterday, finally, I sent him some of my thoughts. The article is here, but for the anglo-speakers, the question was, what’s your advice for young planners.

As you know, I believe that marketing is about doing things for people rather than saying things to them. A direct implication of this is that marketing ideas are things we do, not things we say.

I also believe that strategy is about deciding what we will do, not deciding what we will say. And this means that our practice of separating strategy and ideas no longer makes sense. It is a relic which holds us back instead of moving us forwards.

I hope the next generation of young planners will work to redefine the output of their agencies rather than simply trying to redefine their role within the agency.

I hope the next generation of young planners will remember that the role of planning is to move the industry forward, which may require leaving planning behind.


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Fully acknowledged!

At this very moment we discuss something very similar within the comments of my Nichts ist unmöglich – Wunder dauern etwas länger: Werbung und Realität post (in German)).

Adrian is founding partner of Zeus Jones a branding company believing actions speak louder than words and that modern brands are defined by what they do not what they say. He speaks (and writes) regularly about non-communications based models for marketing & branding. Twitter: @adrianho