Chris Brogan’s Eureka Moment after Unfollowing 130,000 People!

"Second, I found that by following a lot fewer people (I’m currently following around 370), I see a lot of conversations that were missing to me before, plus I’m seeing more of my @ mentions and more information in general. This is interesting to me because Twitter had become fairly crippled by me when I was following so many people."


Unbelievable Chris had to DO it to feel the difference. Couldn't he imagine or foresee it? Just another human, at last – I guess ;)

That is why I do follow so few people: it is a conversation – it is about dialogue not monologue. It is about narrowcasting not broadcasting. It is about quality not quantity.

Think about that concerning your own Social Media engagements. Can you handle them truly? In a relevant and respectful manner? Or are you still just playing that traditional media game?