Killing Innovation with a Gag Order!

(Note for all my German friends reading this blog: A gag order is no command to be funny from now on!)

Killing innovation with a gag order? How come?

Very easy. A muzzle is a muzzle is a muzzle. If there is one gag order there are others. If there is one official gag order there are dozens of informal ones. If there are dozens of informal gag orders people find scissors already in their heads.

Scissors inside our heads imply cutting truth, reality, critique – as long as it takes to please those in power, the CEO, the boss, the media, politicians.

Pleasing the powerful means shutting up at all – just clapping our hands, nodding our heads off.

Shutting up at all implies there will be no new information, no new horizons, no new developments, no change, no progress.

There will be no new directions, no new routes to walk, no parting the ways. No experiments, no risk, no fun.

Please stay away from corporations, parties, and societies where people are shut down. Shutting down the new individuality, independence, and impatience of people implies committing suicide – as a brand, as a corporation, as a party, as a society. And: without sensing your own death.
You will be dead from the inside – no matter how colourful your issued statements are. Killed by silence. Killed by a gag order. Think before you act.