The 2 Dangers of Social Media: Instant Gratification!

Yes, you got it right, 2(!) dangers: Your fans want to be rewarded, and they want it in an instant, immediately. You trained them to.

And they await even more from you the next time you ask them for a favour. Yes, right, they understand that you ask them for a favour. No, they now do nothing without getting something in return.

You succeeded in creating sweet little doggies, tiny little seals! You turned your fans into circus animals without any individual or free will.

You did so by offering gimmicks and gadgets to win fans, to get a question answered, a tweet sent.

You did not understand Social Media and by that you killed it.
Your agency did not understand Social Media and you both killed it by thinking in reach, monologues, and bribery.

You bought your fans now – why should they do something for you without getting paid in the future? Do you think they are stupid? That they do not learn from your behaviour? That they do not adapt? They are not stupid.

You make them dumb. The dumber you act.

You should offer respect, challenges where people may grow.
You should offer a decent product, a great solution, value.

You should not go for reflexes, but for meaning!