There is Nothing like a Saturated Market – Just Saturated Managers

Everywhere marketing managers, CEOs, innovation managers and strategic business developers complain about mature markets. What are they doing all day long?

If you would walk through our world with open hearts and eyes you may find potential, niches, and business models everywhere.
And you do not have to start with thinking about Apple converging, inventing and de/constructing markets!

We should not discuss what others do, but start ourselves to see the world with different eyes, the eyes of the consumer, the eyes of our customers. And please don't ask them – understand them, get firsthand insights – not secondhand guesses and (mis)interpretations.

Eg. consider people at a bus station as potential car or (motor) bike buyers, they are searching for mobility solutions.

Tear down the limitations of your markets. Pretend that there are no specific markets, all markets are one. All products converge. All services converge. To one, to some.
Convergence adds value, adds efficiency, adds convenience. Convergence defines new business models. And calls for higher simplicity instead of higher complexity.

Human's new independence, individuality, and impatience defines Informal Markets which call for convergence, are a threat to traditional managers, and separate the wheat from the chaff concerning engaged, thriving leaders vs. saturated managers just protecting the(ir) status quo.

Seize the day – and end the myth of mature markets!