Business Innovation: One Tonne Life – Actions Speak Louder than Words!

From the One Tonne Life project website:

"One tonne of carbon dioxide per person and year is a major challenge bearing in mind that the global average today is about seven tonnes.

However, house specialists A-hus, power supplier Vattenfall and Volvo Cars believe that with the right know-how, the right technology and confident, consistent behaviour it is possible for the test family to approach the one-tonne target figure without departing significantly from its regular lifestyle or standard of living.

Much of the technology and the solutions the family will use are already available to the general public or will be in the near future. The necessary preconditions are there – right now!"

"One Tonne Life” is a project in which A-hus, Vattenfall, Volvo Cars and other partners will create a climate-smart household. A selected couple with young children will try to meet the low carbon dioxide target yet at the same time live a normal life. They will be helped in a variety of ways, not least with a climate-smart house featuring solar cells on the roof that are used to recharge the electric car parked in the driveway.

Experts from the Chalmers University of Technology with take part in the project in order to ensure a reliable calculation of the family’s carbon dioxide emissions."

Why this is important? Because all innovation will have to inhale and incorporate that philosophy to be/come successful in the future. You better start today!

EVERY product, service, offering may support that goal! And the more the more disruptive you become!