Strategy w/o a Vision: The End of Nokia

This is it. Goodbye Nokia! It was a wonderful time – when you were young and wanted to change the telecommunications world with your hardware.

Now you are old! Very old. That old that you hired someone from Microsoft to make you jump from a burning platform into the Microsoft hell. Microsoft – the only company in the world being older than you!

You jumped from the burning platform, you are in transition, freeze-frame, your life before your inner eye, Inception – the movie, WAKE UP, Nokia!

Didn't you understand that Microsoft wanted you to safe themselves – not the other way round? Don't you understand that your new CEO is a Trojan Microsoft Horse?
Don't you understand that Microsoft succeeded with an unfriendly takeover and you did not wake up till now.

Google's, Apple's, everybody's laughter should be your wake-up call? They won!

That's it. You are done! Why?

01 – You don't have a vision – just a strategy (press release)!
A strategy without a vision has no meaning, neither to employees, nor to consumers, nor to contractors and partners. A strategy without a vision has no target, no goal.

02 – Change for change's sake?
“Nokia is at a critical juncture, where significant change is necessary and inevitable in our journey forward,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia President and CEO.

03 – "Smart Devices and Mobile Phones"?
You call them 'distinct business units'. What is the distinctive part of it? Or distinctive from each other? What is new, innovative, disrupting, breaking the rules of the market about those business units?

04 – "A winning Windows Phone portfolio"?
You must be kidding! You could not build a winning phone, and Microsoft couldn't. Why should the two of you now suddenly be able to build one? What changed?
You both did not understand the market, the consumer, Apple, Google, the new individuality, independence, and impatience of consumers. What changed? Nothing.

05 – Informal Markets are your future!
But Informal Markets need transcendend structures, no silo mentalities, no ivory towers.
There will be no 'Smart Devices' OR 'Mobile Phones', there will only be Smart Phones – and don't let yourself be blinded by the old meaning of the word smart phone!

In the future everything will have to be smart, and everything will have the capability to connect, phone, communicate.

Bye-bye Micronokia! See you in corporate heaven.


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