True Inspiration: The Sartorialist’s Philosophical Facets

You might have seen the Intel video of the Sartorialist. You might have been stunned by the beautiful pictures. But did you listen to the Sartorialist's words? You should have.

Pictures and video below I copy&pasted from Scott Hanson's blog. I transcribed some philosophical quotes you should reflect upon after watching the video. Headlines are mine, too. I think Scott Schumann himself would have been too modest to choose them for his own words, but I think his words deserve them.

On Simplicity and Real Mastery

"If you ask any other person that does a creative thing, you know, they probably go to school and learn all these different things, and as they get better it narrows and narrows." …

"That is where most photographers would like to get to: not to have all that other stuff, but to create the most beautiful image that they can in the most simple way that they can."

I would love every tool-glutted creative and consultant to ruminate on the above. Real Mastery lies in travelling light, anticipating the shape of things to come, or reacting fast, effective and sustainably, identifying opportunities and seizing them.

I would love every manager, every politician, and everyone doubting the web's beauty, power, and infinite possibilities to change our world for the better to reflect upon the below few lines and very down-to-earth sentences. Thank you.

About the Eternal Web

"Now, with the blog, I can take a photograph and can have it up on the internet and share it with people across the world, people of this moment can comment on how they feel that looks … I think that will look very interesting a 100 years from now."

About the Beauty and Boundlessness of the Web

"The internet has given us what I like to call a digital parkbench. Before you were really limited to the people you could see right there in front of you at your park. Now you can go into the internet and look at blogs like mine or other blogs that are based somewhere else … really the whole world is open to you now."