Innovation: Come on European Phone Carriers, Get Your Act Together!

Fastcompany says you are going to sue Apple for introducing the build-in SIM card? And of course Apple has reacted to that threat. But:

You are going to sue Apple because Steve Jobs is smarter than you all? Is there no better way to demonstrate your incompetence to the world?

I understand, you fear competition, and choke it whereever you can. You seem to have agreed – across the category – to stay out of those (ad)ventures of creativity and innovation. You seem to have agreed to enforce status quo and squeeze consumers instead of questioning your business models, pipelines, and top management.

You should try to think like Steve Jobs – or like any young entrepreneure out there – anticipating and utilizing consumer's new individuality, independence, and impatience.
Informal Markets are defined, identified and build by that:

Via lead/marke / lead/marke exploratory.

You should not fear Steve, but love – and act on – your own advertising claims, talking about freedom of choice, empowering the individual, I want / I can, etc., you know.

You should embrace change, embrace the web, and its potential. Start changing the game, start investing into your own future, get a life! Because if you don't, the next Steve is around the corner.