Brand Engagement: Foursquare/PepsiCo – The Next Level (via fastcompany)

"Today, the New York-based geo-location service will introduce a rewards platform built on top of Safeway's existing loyalty program. The platform enables users to link their Safeway loyalty accounts to Foursquare, and earn rewards from check-ins. It is designed to be scalable, which means any other national retailer – perhaps even Walmart – could link its existing loyalty program to Foursquare." …

"Foursquare has also designed a unique vehicle for check-in rewards that is far less linear and ephemeral than traditional location-based reward programs.

Rather than, say, earning a free coffee for becoming "mayor" of Starbucks … Foursquare and PepsiCo have tailored rewards to user behavior, irrespective of in-store check-ins.

Now, when participating customers earn Foursquare's "Gym Rat" badge, they might be offered a SoBe Lifewater; or, if you often check in bright and early, Foursquare will recognize you're a morning person, and may offer Tropicana orange juice or Quaker Oats–all specials on PepsiCo products, redeemable at Safeway stores."

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