A Brand is a Multi-One-Man-Show: Every One facing the Customer right Now!

Lately at werbeblogger I wrote about "Hyperlocal as leverage for brands like vodafone, H&M, McDonald's, Edeka" (the last being German retail). A short discussion in the comments showed that people cared most about the single shop stuff's quality in handling customers and business.

It seems to be more a German than an international problem. Germans are not born to serve, and after that never grew into it … not as individuals at the customer front or in top management, not as societies or companies as a whole.

Of course those corporations, managers, and brands pay lip services in public, in advertising, and everytime they are asked. But they do not truly understand, that their products and brands are sold despite the (bad) service they do deliver, not because of that (good) service they could deliver. And that is: Service before and during the sales process and of course after sales.

Change the Game!

I know you believe in the magic powers of the brand, the image, and communications. Don't! You can do better than that!

Just imagine every single employee being your brand's ambassador, your brand's advocat. Every single employee out there being your brand's face to the customer. Every single employee representing your brand's core, character, and vision.


And now: visit them, do not phone them. Visit them physically, do not just ask the board member responsible for the sales operation.


And now: compare what you see and experience with what you would like to see and experience.
And now: develop a strong strategy to close that huge gap. Fast.


If you do understand your brand, have a vision, and a core, implementation will be a no-brainer. Enjoy!