Steve! “33 Chilean miners get iPods”? Now? Come on, where is your visionary thinking?

For the first time I am (a little bit) disappointed by what Steve does. Giving 33 iPods away as a gift for the Chilean Miners?

A little bit cheap, or? No iPhones or iPads? Come on!?

And a little bit late, or? Now!? Why hasn't he thought of that some 70 days before, when they really could use that stuff? When Apple really could have made a story out of that?
Could have done Playlist Bingo!? Could have published the Coal Miners Charts!

They were healthy, knew they would be safe soon, and were bored down there.

Next time, Steve, I would like to get something more visionary, more viral, more empathetic, more engaging and inspiring than that. The guy who invented all the cool Apple stuff must be able to come up with better ideas than this one.