Why some Agency Websites remind me of ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ Thought Experiment

We all know that communication agencies cannot communicate into the wide wild open what they evangelize when with a client in a room. But today's agency websites top it all.

Some of their websites are like the box where Schrödinger's cat is in, and the agencies are the cat. And you do not know, just by looking at the box / website, if the cat / agency is still alive:

The sites do not work in mobile or smart phones, because they are still in Flash. They are outdated by far, presenting last year's PR scoops, blog posts, and latest(!) hires twelve months ago.

And you "should be so lucky" as Kiley Minogue (don't bother to click, because this "Video contains content from EMI. It is not available in your country.", Germany), if they have a blog post or two. Normally they do not even know how to write Social Media or a Tweet.

Why? Because they do not care. A website is enough. Their USP is a well-kept secret. They themselves know that they are better than the others.

They do not believe in the power of Social Media, twitter, dialogues. They do not believe in the human's new individuality, independence, and impatience.

Why? Because they know this new world has not arrived in the marketing departments and client board rooms yet. Clients talk, yes, but they still do not act. They do not challenge the agencies. So, why should the agency bother?

Agencies do not believe in what they sell. Agencies do not believe in their own products. Why on earth should I buy from them?

One thing I know for sure – and it is no rocket science or quantum mechanical wisdom to predict that – our 'cat in Schrödinger's box', ie. the agencies behind these websites, will be stone-dead in just a very short while.