Brand Engagement: Social Media, the Brand Lady of Easy Virtue & Clean Beaches

Quite funny, that marketers still crave for the masses, no matter why they come and stay around. Interesting, that marketers do not care for quality, but single-mindedly just for quantities. Desperately they collect friends and fans and eye balls, still negating that a fan's value might be zero.

Instead of understanding the values and virtues of social networking (forget the term social media, please), they literally just dress their brands up to collect fans. They hire agency beauty surgeons to rejuvenate the brand skin-deep. Brands get furnished with brass earrings, instead of gold, a shorter skirt, more make-up, false eyelashes and fingernails, a suntan, to attract followers by the number.

They create little brand whores instead of (finally) injecting a core, a back bone, and a meaning into their brand.

All this to attract strangers to the brand, to win the battle (against the competition) for fans, to annihilate themselves with lesser targets – yes, easier to achieve, but adding no value at all – just wasting time, they desperately would need for true innovation, engagement, and communication agility.

All this to attract the masses, to crowd the beaches of twitter and facebook …
But have those marketers seen these beaches in the evening? When the crowd is leaving? When they move to the next party? The next gifts, coupons, rebates, sensations? When they leave nothing at the venue except their trashes?

Wouldn't it be much more rewarding, sustainable, and successful in the end to attract the true fans, the decent ones, engaging in the product and brand? Giving them a remote beach to enjoy, one of those scarce high quality beaches? A beach they talk about and want to bring their friends to? A beach truly taken care of by the fan community itself?

Those fans you do not win with brass, not with glamour, not with coupons. Those you cannot blind with trumpery. Those you must earn. With virtues and values. Those you must inspire. With engagement. With a back bone. Performance. Relevance. Demanding and rewarding Win-Win situations.