4min Tesla Video: Rule-Breaking & Game-Changing Innovation

The Tesla Roadster is on the market a short while now. It is an amazing venture – still. In the video below a salesman at Tesla Motors' LA store explains in a few simple words the simplistic elegance of their concept. This is one of the best examples (I have seen so far) about the aim and benefits of game-changing innovation.

Re-invent the product, neglect every prejudice you encounter, reduce to the max, use your beginner's mind, don't fall prey to all of the industry's difficulties, hurdles, and work-arounds. Break all the Rules. Celebrate simplicity. Make quantum leaps. Shake up a whole industry.

Please keep in mind: lead/marke Informal Markets are not just relying on consumer's new independence, individuality, and impatience, but also on the entrepreneur's and producer's new independence, individuality, and impatience.

Understand that thanks to the web and global cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation almost no market has any barriers which
might keep you from entry.

Via MHO / Martin Oetting (Martin is one of 4 lead/marke Pulse lecturers).