Brand Engagement & Agility: First of all the Brand Inspires the Corporation itself!

One of lead/marke's core beliefs is that "first of all" the brand must "inspire the corporation" itself. Otherwise there will be no authentic Brand Engagement and Communication Agility possible.

From the lead/marke

While advertising is cheap talk 'living the brand' is the action which talks louder than words. Every contact must live the brand and its promise. Every employee must understand the brand's value and service proposition and philosophy. Must act like s/he is the brand and not just some employee of that company incidentally producing the brand's product.

Corporation, brand, and every single employee's thinking, talking and acting must become one singular brand experience – not standardized or streamlined, but building a complex and lovable (brand) character! Keeping promises, fulfilling needs and wants, delivering solutions on top of the physical product. Being a reliable friend.

I never understood a company could possibly think that should be limited to the communications department. But Stefan Pfeiffer reminded me with his words: "In order to scale in both time and mass, corporations must now extend
their communication strategy beyond just corporate communications and
sanctioned ‘company representatives’ to include others in the mix."

And of course this should not be a mere communications strategy but a 'living the brand in everything we do' strategy!