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The way we measure stuff today is tailored to prove the value of what we do today. Which invites us to understand that as we move forward, marketing will become dated if the way we measure marketing isn’t kept updated.

But what do we measure?

Digital is a giant recording machine, a sensor. If we are able to record everything in real time, we should also be able to prove value in real time. And so we try, but end up measuring the wrong stuff. We treat the Internet as a direct sales mechanism, measuring traffic. While the real potential slips between our fingers: We should be identifying and appreciating the value generated from relationships, not decreasing the cost of infrastructure.

Finding out what people did (visits, clicks, time etc.) is uninteresting at best compared to why they did it and what kind of value it created.

The goal of measuring stuff is simple, and split two ways:

    1. Figuring out if we created any value? (which is interesting)
    2. learning from it in order to improve and innovate (which is the real value)

This set of videos from IBM touches upon and shares some inspiring insights in regards to using data differently than we are doing today. This is closer to being interesting in regards to finding solutions than most of the stuff I’ve seen so far other places.

    “Really smart organizations are already making sense of what they know as they come to know it. And then make really fine grained decisions, accurate decisions”- Jeff Jonas

    “The more we instrument the world, the more sensors we put out, the more data we collect. You might think that we’d become inundated [flooded] – but actually – it’s the opposite. The more data you have, the clearer you see” – John Cohn

“The organizations that are most competitive are going to be the ones that can make sense of what they learn as fast as they learn it”– Jeff Jonas

(videos found via Flowingdata)

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