Congratulations, tumblr! Great Success!

"Has it been three years already?!
February was a month of big milestones for us, possibly the most exciting of which was that you guys viewed Tumblr more than a BILLION times. That’s 36 million times a day, 25,000 times a minute, and more than 400 times a second!
To say thank you, we have some beautiful, free, and awesome features we’ll be pushing this week.
And follow us on Twitter for some special news.
Thank you!!"

Via Jacob Bijani, tumblr's creative director.

A little bit more about tumblr: "Tumblr Hits Major Milestones, Plans to Start Generating Revenue" at mashable. Or just have a look at my tumblr page: "this message is too wide to fit your screen".

For me tumblr is playful publishing without the hassle of blogging. It's art, design, fashion, people, celebrities, wisdom, fun, comics, videos, and mangas, all last decades, and the early warning on trends and topics of public and popular concern.

It is the best part of participation, sharing, communication (mostly without words), free speech, transparency, and tolerance. It is the future of blogging.

Take away:

tumblr is the best proof that most brands do not really matter. Brands in general are almost irrelevant in tumblr, or in the minds of these independent and impatient individualists there. Most brands do not compute, they do not communicate, and they do not amaze.

Brands will have to think about that situation. If they want to be part of the youth's lifes, they must become part of the youth's world, needs, and wants. Youth today has other ideals than the classic brand.