Buy ‘Ramen Noodle’, ‘French Toast’, and ‘Tortilla’ Chocolate via Amazon

From the website of Komforte Chockolates:

"We saw that the chocolate industry was driving upscale and more sophisticated with every season. What was of more interest to us was doing chocolate that had fun, interesting ingredients with a "comfort" feel to them that a kid, a teenager and an adult could all understand and enjoy."

I do not want to say that the above is a unique proposition – but I like the ingredient idea. And: Where do you buy such a great chocolate "carefully crafted in the United States of America"?
At Amazon, of course!

And I like the modern design, differentiating itself from the rich and luxurious layouts of the premium brands, socializing with a reduced googlish web design, reduced, straight forward, young – adding to the 'comfort' and 'joy' proposition.

Via youmightfindyourself.