The ‘Zen of Minimalism’ for Your Brand and Your Social Media Communication

A few days ago I recommended the mnmlist blog – due to its potential learnings for leadership to concentrate on the relevant by reducing to the max.

My last remark there was: "Write down the true essentials for your job, brand, success. Reduce to them.
It will be difficult – but also worthwhile!"

But what do the few lines of 'less' really mean for a brand or Social Media communication itself? Before I give you an idea, please read the lines first:

"mnmlist : less

Stop buying unnecessary things.
Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness.
Reduce half again.

List 4 essential things in your life,
stop doing non-essential things.
Do these essentials first each day, clear distractions
focus on each moment.

Let go of attachment to doing, having more.
Fall in love with less."

Inhaling the above directly brings to life the minimalism philosophy of Steve Jobs and Apple or Dieter Rams and Braun. But also the idea of concentrating on 1 feature the product perfects its mastership in to quantum leap ahead of competition – like search in terms of Google.

Transforming the above into the brand or product calls for:

– Stop being a 'unnecessary' 'non-essential' thing

Add value and virtue. Add relevance. Understand the necessities, needs and – most critical – the wants of the individuals building your market.

Become best in class. Have a distinctive feature which makes you irreplacable. Forget about price and rebates, add quality. Respond to the new independence, individuality and impatience of the people.
Deliver uniqueness to become the essential thing.

Don't think about the next taste flanker, but perfect your core value incarnation.
Become a solution.

– 'Fall in love with less'

Do not think about 'less' just within the product. Reduce to the max – ie. concentrate on the truly relevant – in consumer service and experience, in distribution and advertising, in every production and logistics process, in everything you do, think, and communicate.

Transforming the above into communication / Social Media calls for:

– Stop communicating 'unnecessary things'

What differentiates your brand, product or service from competition? Ideally it's the product's performance, not your commercial.
Stop communicating different messages in different media – unless you have a really good reason.

– Stop talking about 'non-essential things'

Communicate the product, its values & virtues. Do not riddle
your target groups but communicate the benefit in clarity, context and
wisdom. Understand the communication zen of the iPod or iPhone

Do you really need celebrities? Or ist your product the hero?

– Do not 'distract' people

Engage with the individual, become a service instead of a nuisance. Don't talk about all the things you will change in the future. Do it now. Show and demonstrate it to the people. Actions speak louder than words. Prove you already are a solution – not a lip service.

– 'Focus on each Moment'

Forget about campaigns, waving and pulsing, etc. be there when the consumer needs you.

Transcend the traditional monologue. Become a dialog. Respect people. Talk and listen to them at eye level. Become a medium. Deliver content the people love. Deliver content they interact with, engage with, and share. Create Monopolistic Moments. Every moment! Be around. Be a spark for them. Leave a mark!

Becoming 'less' reduces clutter around yourself, helps to become heard through the clutter outside, clarifies and contextualizes your value & virtue, sharpens your voice and image, makes you more efficient and effective, optimizes your distinction and relevance.

Outgrow Yourself, Inspire the World!


Feb, 12th > "Motorola Splits Into Two Companies, But That Just Means They'll Be More Streamlined And Focused", Gizmodo.