Brand Engagement: Social Media RoI

"ROI assessments are based on the simplistic formula of benefits minus costs
to calculate the return on your investment. But simple is not always
smart, and most if not all the of the benefits in such calculations are
by nature predictive. In other words they are guesses, and in my
experience, almost always overly optimistic — and fatuous guesses at

There is a cost to any new system, and there is also always a return (sometimes a good one, sometimes bad, often a bit of both)
from the system. Far better and more honest I believe to just build a
valid business case that details these costs and potential returns, and
utilize more concrete and verifiable calculations such as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or CDB (Cost of Doing Business).
That way you have a business case that details the investment and what
you hope and expect to achieve as a result, and at least have a
business case based on facts. One that when it strays into the
predictive (as it must at times) is clear about its limitations and values."

Via socialmediatoday.

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