Ford: The Next Media Company?

Craig Daitch, Senior Vice President at Converseon and AdAge author writes:

“… Ford CEO Alan Mulally in his red sweater vest, who introduced an
updated version of the in-dash, in-car technology game changer, Ford

The 2010 edition of Sync comes with a number of useful extensions,
including the ability to keep up with Twitter, stream internet radio
and download turn-by-turn web maps at no cost. It takes a page from
companies such as Facebook and Apple by supporting third-party
applications. That means you could soon be controlling many of the
handy applications you use on your iPhone via the voice recognition on
your car’s console.

Sync has been so successful that Ford attributes it to the company’s
turnaround. The Los Angeles Times reported that Sync-enabled vehicles
sell twice as fast as non-Sync-enabled ones.”

That is good news to hear from a company flying under the radar in Germany – partly due to the high negative noise of Opel/GM and the clutter of the other German car manufacturers about their plans, plans, plans.

Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally started as late as April, 2009, to twitter. See the video. And now Craig describes Ford Sync as an in-car technology game changer. It is fantastic that a company of a size like Ford can change that fast. That’s almost like ‘When Giants learn to dance’ by Rosabeth Moss-Kanter from the 1990s.

More about Ford at AdAge.


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