Future: 10 Branding and Marketing Trends

The BrandingStrategyInsider posted 10 trends for 2010 – which I would like to understand as trends not only for 2010, but for the brand's future.

For a given time we will see those 'trends' develop into mainstream, becoming mega trends, becoming reality for everybody and every brand.

The BrandingStrategyInsider's trends:

01) Value is the new black

02) Brands increasingly are a surrogate for "value"

03) Brand differentiation is Brand Value

04) "Because I Said So" is so over

05) Consumer expectations are growing

06) Old tricks don't work/won't work anymore

07) They won't need to know you to love you

08) It's not just buzz

09) They're talking to each other before talking to the brand

10) Engagement is not a fad; It's the way today's consumers do business

For those ahead of the market, these obviously aren't trends anymore,
but the only way a brand will succeed today and in the future!

Of course this disrupts the average agency, marketing and brand management, but this is the new world.
Almost everybody will have to rethink and change the game.